How often this happens to you when you want to share a photo, or a video clip or a meme to someone and after a tiring and disappointing search in the gallery app of your phone, you promise him or her that you would send it at later time, which you somewhere know might never come. This happens when your gallery app is choc-a-block full of tons of stuff that your messaging apps keep pouring. If you want to impress your friends with quick turnaround on anything you promise to share and save your time as well, read on.

The trick lies here in creating a bunch of folders or albums in the gallery itself, that most gallery apps should allow. What albums you create totally depends on what you want to retrieve. Let me suggest few for inspiration: selfies, family, friends, funny pics, funny videos, shopping, good pics.

Now, as and when you gather a bunch of pictures and videos in standard folders of Gallery, run a quick pass through and delete the stuff you don’t ever need and sort the rest into those pre-created albums. Your goal is to keep all the standard gallery app folders empty. Not only you will have lots of reusable stuff collected in these albums but you would have deleted big load from your phone also. Next time you want to share something, you would just go to the right album and be done with sharing in no time.

Since this is quite easy and largely interesting task, you may not want to use your productive time slots for this. So, reserve lowest energy time slots for this activity. Even if you have largely unorganized gallery at this point of time, let this activity run over few days during your low energy time slots; where’s the harm!

(featured image: Photo by Riccardo Bresciani from Pexels )