Our mind keeps reminding us of the pending tasks, more so, when we are away from our desk. We must develop a HABIT not to let such reminders pass and instead capture them in a list. We can then pull out that list when we are at work. Also, we must capture them in a single designated place. Since the smartphone is available with us even while we are away from our desk, it becomes a good choice to capture fleeting thoughts.

There are dime a dozen Apps for this purpose, but we need a lightweight App that does not take you on a tour, just to add an item to your list. “Out of Milk” is one such app that fits the bill, for its simplicity. You can install it from here: iOS & Android. It recently has launched a browser version also to access your lists from your computer.

Once you install the App, from the main menu select the To-Do List option and create your list. You may find the App useful to keep some other checklists, like your monthly payments, yearly payments, and running lists.

This habit helps you to get things done on time and stay stress-free.

(Feature Image: Courtesy, Out of Milk)