Ravindra Kondekar, an MTech alumnus of IIT Bombay, spent about 30 years working in the upper echelons of the Indian technology industry. He has worked in software development for the Department of Space and for many multinational corporations, such as Intergraph (now part of Hexagon AB), Mahindra Satyam.

As he grew in his career, he continued to experiment, modify and innovate productivity techniques to maintain his own work-life balance. Today, he works as a productivity coach and consultant, helping others reach their full potential by working smartly to the best of their abilities – with no stress. He writes and speaks on various media platforms including The Times of India blog column, “Stay Organized. Stay Productive”.

His teaching experience early in his career, his MBA and his senior management roles have uniquely equipped Ravindra for his coaching work. Not only does Ravindra quickly recognize the productivity challenges of his clients, his patient and skillful teaching supports their growth and ability to truly master their own personal productivity system.

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