What is 5G of Time Management?

When we see successful people around us, we want to be like them. We too want to attain the heights that they have attained. Obviously taking inspiration from them is a great thing but it is often seen that we do not end up duplicating their success. Why does [...]


How To Plan Your Day for Stress-free Productivity

Thou shalt plan your day before you get on to your work. Simple and profound, right? No one would disagree! And since it's easier said than done, this too goes in cold storage like many other such commandments. There are practical difficulties, most of which arise from the two [...]


Dos and Don’ts of Digital Calendar App

Digital calendar Apps are now ubiquitous and are critical for managing our schedules. Calendar Apps are easy to learn and use, but only if you use them with proper discipline, you could derive multifold benefits from them. It’s an irony but most people end up underusing and overusing the [...]


How to Make Filing Income Tax Return Feel Like a Breeze

“…In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” - Benjamin Franklin Since the former sounds easier, let’s talk only about the latter. Anxiety starts mounting all over the world as the Tax return filing date approaches. Your CA starts asking all kinds of [...]


Word Productivity Day 2021

Today is World Productivity Day - the day to remind you to use your energies wisely and lead a productive and fulfilling life. Here is a compilation of productivity tips from contributors, for the occasion: Have a time slot, say, 9 to 10 AM, permanently blocked in your calendar, [...]


Do you buy Commitment Insurance?

Do you buy Commitment Insurance? I am sure, you do not as they don’t sell it yet. Then, better if you do not default on any of your commitments. But how would you guarantee that? There is a way! Think of these situations: You are on phone with your [...]

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