Orderly(TM) system is your virtual personal manager/secretary to help you keep up with your daily schedules and tasks. As you know –

Either you run the day or day runs you!

And to run the day, Orderly organizes every work of yours, be it professional or personal, and presents you with an up-to-date to-do list of tasks, every day and every moment.

As all the organizations and the transactions have turned digital there are hardly any artifacts that are physical. With the availability of several user-friendly digital tools and Apps, several processes are automated and are easily doable on your computing devices. Thus it makes lots of sense to just do these things ourselves than hiring a personal manager. What you need is a comprehensive and robust system to organize your work and work material! Orderly helps you to precisely do the same.

Orderly follows the 1–9–90 principle of task focus. It accommodates, reflecting on the past, planning for the future, and working in present in the right proportions.

Not just that! Orderly keeps you on course with all your rituals to get compounding benefits from doing the right things CONSISTENTLY.

You don’t have to invest in expensive licensed software. Orderly utilizes normally available tools and instead makes you invest in inculcating good habits. It takes off exactly the amount of load that you should not be handling – remembering your work!

I call Orderly, a GTD++ system as it applies and extends the timeless GTD principles beautifully to make itself a fully digital and friendly system!

Want to implement Orderly for yourself? Know more here.