My “Olympic” win

I enjoy sports - so many to watch and some of them to even play. Being born in a small town, played the village games, like, Gillidanda, marbles to heart's content. While growing, being an Indian, Cricket was given. Proper sports equipment was out of budget but that was [...]



There was a period when I had frequent one-day trips to Delhi from Mumbai, to meet with our clients. These trips were painful not only because I had to catch an early morning flight and return by late flight, to maximize the time available at Delhi, but also because [...]


Air India

The government of India now seems to be committed to selling Air India, the state-owned airlines. An organization with its glorious past will finally cease to exist. Despite giving several moments of pride to Indians, Air India also has remained the butt of the joke. There has been a [...]


Rustic Proverbs -1

When we talk with our mom, we keep digressing into our family jokes and memes (we have several of them) at every opportunity. Our dad always wonders why we could not stay on the course of discussion and keep it simple. My Mom also has a special flair for [...]


Three Conditions

There was a funny part of the story of 2008 Indian, coming of age comedy film, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. The protagonist was told that for a boy to truly become a man in the Rathore clan, he must complete three conditions: Thrash someone, Get arrested, and Ride [...]


The Strike

I was studious in my school days, but that did not mean that I did not like to have fun. I liked lunch breaks and longed to have those “free periods” when we were told to just be inside the classrooms and do whatever and nobody watched us. Most [...]


Bigg Boss

Catching a glimpse of a celebrity is a perk of Air travel. I too had my fair share of this perk. I was once even puzzled that why ACP Pradyuman did not recognize me after so much of acquaintance, before I realized that it’s just me who knows him [...]



Once I finished my Bachelor of civil engineering, a patient wait for a plump government job would be over, I had thought, but alas, the government announced zero based budgeting the year I passed out, meaning no new jobs. As they say, when one door closes, another opens, the [...]



I was one of the studious ones, during my school days. In our state board examination of 10th grade, I stood second in my town. To our fortune, we had a brand new 10 + 2  school in our town which was known for their dedicated teachers. All top [...]

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