I opened Wikipedia yesterday to check a few facts about Web3 (whatever that is) and saw an earnest donation request by Wikipedia. I am not a philanthropist on any scale and I had shared an interesting story of one of the few of my noble deeds. But I never [...]


My Atre Moment

Mr. P.K. Atre was a noted Marathi writer, poet, and orator of yesteryears. People from Maharashtra (the state of India where I live) know him for many things but definitely for his quick-wittedness. His retorts silenced the trouble-mongers. Let me offer some very popular ones here (source): Once Atre [...]


It’s ringing!

I was in a meeting with my team. Akhil got a call. He received it and started talking by covering the mouthpiece of his smartphone with a hand and with a voice that he thought was a whisper. The rest of us stopped talking for Akhil to finish his [...]



I had an interesting quote about the ticket checkers (officially called Travelling Ticket Examiner) of local trains in Mumbai - "Out of thousands of people pouring on him every few minutes, he would stop only those people who don't have tickets." There was an incident that had firmed up [...]


Yes Sir!

Honorifics are a pain to waddle through, in India, although most of the time we handle it well. The first aspect of it is that you couldn’t call anyone who is older than you, or superior to you in the hierarchy, by their first name. The next is that [...]


Simple Technique to Manage Your Email Inbox

Email is quite an important form of communication on both the personal and professional front. Most of us are always on the lookout for a better way of managing the Email Inbox. Let me first tell you a couple of ways that don’t work, but commonly followed. Keep sampling [...]


Air India

The government of India now seems to be committed to selling Air India, the state-owned airlines. An organization with its glorious past will finally cease to exist. Despite giving several moments of pride to Indians, Air India also has remained the butt of the joke. There has been a [...]


Four Bulls

I had learnt a two-player game, Bulls & Cows, during my first job of teaching. Of course, now you could play it online too or you even get apps for smartphones. Check it out; it is for all ages and is quite fun! In essence, one player holds a [...]


You could come back. We seem to have space now.

Let me share a “Saradarji” joke today! (Note for my international audience: In India, like in other countries we have lots of popular personas used for crafting the jokes. Sardarjis represent brawns over brains guys. Drawing ethnicity into the jokes does not sound right only if you bring that [...]



My daughter (undergraduate student) came out of her virtual classroom fuming! I asked, “What now!” She said, "I just don't understand these teachers. They will correct you even if you are not wrong, once they are hell-bent on doing it." That reminded me of a story from my school [...]

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