As a Personal Productivity coach, I had the privilege of working closely with a select group of high-level professionals. Over the years, I have successfully assisted entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and senior corporate executives across various business sectors. When you engage in coaching with me through Orderly, here’s what you can expect:

1. Understanding your workload and identifying current challenges related to time management. This helps me gain insights into your specific needs and circumstances.

2. Introducing you to the GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology, a comprehensive and proven system for effective time management. I will explain the principles behind GTD, which serves as a solid foundation for optimizing your productivity.

3. Implementing my meticulously designed OrderlyTM system during the first week of coaching. This system is a faithful and streamlined implementation of GTD, ensuring a seamless transition to a more organized and efficient way of working.

4. Providing ongoing support and guidance over a full year. Through regular review sessions, I will monitor your progress and help enhance your implementation of the Orderly system. The goal is to make Orderly a natural part of your daily life, where the stress and dissatisfaction associated with previous work methods become distant memories.

By working together, we will empower you to overcome productivity challenges, streamline your workflow, and experience the satisfaction of accomplishing more with less stress. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together and unlock your full potential.

How much does it cost

The Orderly Coaching Program is designed to provide comprehensive support for professionals seeking to enhance their productivity. The program is available at a cost of USD 700 for international professionals and ₹ 50,000 for Indian residents, covering a duration of 12 months. Here’s what the program includes:

  • Two 2-hour-long one-on-one sessions: These personalized sessions allow for in-depth discussions and guidance tailored to your specific needs.
  • A set of software tools and templates: You’ll receive access to a curated collection of tools and templates to optimize your workflow.
  • Eight 45-minute follow-up sessions: These follow-up sessions provide ongoing support and progress tracking.
  • Unlimited email support: You can reach out to me anytime via email for assistance or clarification.
  • Lifelong subscription to the Orderly support newsletter: You’ll receive valuable updates, tips, and resources to support your continued growth and productivity.

If you prefer to participate in the Orderly Group Coaching Program, which requires a minimum of six participants, the discounted cost is USD 350 per participant for international professionals and ₹ 25,000 for Indian residents. The group program includes the following features:

  • Two 2-hour-long group sessions: These sessions foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among participants.
  • Full set of software tools and templates: Each participant will have access to the comprehensive set of tools and templates.
  • One 45-minute follow-up session for each participant: Individual follow-up sessions ensure personalized attention and progress tracking.
  • Unlimited email support: Participants can reach out via email for any questions or support needed.
  • Lifelong subscription to the Orderly support newsletter: You’ll continue to receive valuable updates and resources.

For those interested in a smaller-scale program, the Orderly Lite program focuses on organizing digital work materials such as documents, presentations, notes, photos, videos, and browser bookmarks. The Orderly Lite program is available at a cost of USD 150 for international professionals and ₹ 10,000 for Indian residents. It includes the following features:

  • One hour-long session: This session will cover the fundamentals of organizing your digital work materials.
  • One follow-up session: A follow-up session will allow for further guidance and support.
  • Unlimited email support: You can reach out via email for any additional questions or assistance.

Feel free to contact me with any inquiries or to sign up for any of the programs. If you’d like to learn more about Orderly and the GTD methodology, please explore the provided links. Additionally, you can visit the FAQs page for answers to commonly asked questions.

Know more about GTD

FAQs Page

Why work with me

  1. Eating your own dog food – I had perfected this method for my own need to (first, stay sane) stay stress-free while being productive, during my senior management career where I drew 8 figure salary (INR) and had 100s of software professionals working in my organization developing Software Products. I continue using the same in my current career as a coach & consultant. You can learn more about my personal journey by reading my story
  2. Staying ahead with the Technology – As our work landscape has transitioned to a fully digital and paperless environment, staying ahead with technology is crucial. Leveraging my strong technology background, I am equipped to guide you in optimizing the use of technology to organize your life effectively. You can trust that I will provide you with the necessary tools to stay organized and enhance your productivity consistently.
  3. The versatility of the Orderly System – One of the standout qualities of the Orderly System is its versatility. I have received positive feedback from my diverse international clientele representing various business verticals. They have expressed how Orderly has not only helped them regain a work-life balance but has also propelled them to achieve new levels of personal productivity and set records in their respective fields..

What they say

Ravindra was my “orderly” coach for a year.  To say that he helped me immensely is an understatement.  Patiently, yet firmly, he helped me to shift the way I organize my life – but more importantly, how I think.  The lessons are so deeply ingrained that I wake up each morning and look at my “to-do” list with a sense of ease and joy rather than dread and overwhelm.  I am much more productive and efficient.  This year was the best ever for my business, and part of that I ascribe to Ravindra and the Orderly way.

Marguerite Orane, Leadership Coach, Speaker, Facilitator, Author,

I am highly grateful to Ravindra to train me selflessly to settle my puzzled state of mind. Consulting Ravindra about time management, which is based on time tested systems, has helped me tremendously in organizing my professional and personal life. Now I am much clear with my all the short and long term goals. I stay focused & calm in any kind of situation with least amount of efforts.

Thanks a lot, Ravindra for sharing me this stress free & valuable MANTRA OF SUCCESS.

Neha Garg, Interior Designer, Founder & Principal Designer, Studio Jane Designs, Mumbai

Productivity is less about what you do with your time but more about how you run your mind. Thank you so much to Ravindra for teaching me the best technique & simple to use tool which helps me to be more productive & utilize my time effectively.

Pratik Sepuri, Founder & MD at iArista Artha Solutions PVT LTD, Mumbai

I have been using Orderly for two months. It has transformed the way I manage my time. I became more productive. Orderly is amazingly easy to use. Whatever profession you are in, Orderly can help you!

Dr. Japar Shamshiev, R&D Executive Life Science, Zurich, Switzerland

Ravindra has been an immensely helpful productivity coach who is helping me take a fresh look at the GTD (Getting Things Done) system of personal task and project management. I highly recommend him and his approach.

Glenn Johnson, Leadership Consultant, Glenn Johnson, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts, United States

The Orderly system has brought me huge peace of mind. I’ve found that Ravindra’s coaching and approach to personal productivity is not simply about “doing more things” (although you might find that you ARE able to do more things), but it is instead a fail-proof system for keeping track of all of the things that are constantly coming at us, in a world of ever-increasing data and work streams. Not only has Orderly helped me to literally sleep more soundly, it’s also helped me recognize when a day’s activities are not in line with my life’s priorities. Ravindra is a passionate, knowledgeable, and supportive coach- I’m grateful for his instruction and support!

Dr. Katie Keller Wood, Executive Director, CMStep Richmond, VA, Unites States

Ravindra has taken GTD to a new level and expertly woven together his ideas along with the best of David Allen, Cal Newport, and Stephen Covey etc. into a methodology, Orderly,  that enables meaningful productivity, less stress, and more peace of mind.
Lisa DeAngelis, PhD, Founder, Dragonfly Coaching LLC, Boston, USA

Time is the most precious element in an entrepreneur’s life while growing and scaling a business. Ravindra’s Orderly program (Getting Things Done) is a comprehensive program that touched every aspect of my personal and business life. It has helped me organize my schedule, priorities, and actions such that my productivity and effectiveness increased by 16%. It has given me the tools and the methodology to control my hectic schedule and feel in control of my workdays. His method is simple and effective and does not require any specialized tools, but interestingly his approach makes the commonly used tools appear extraordinary.

If you are looking to work on your business and take control of your schedule, you should try his methodology for a few months and validate your results.

Rajesh Tedla, CEO, VRT Management Group, LLC, Greater New York City