Let me share a “Saradarji” joke today!

(Note for my international audience: In India, like in other countries we have lots of popular personas used for crafting the jokes. Sardarjis represent brawns over brains guys. Drawing ethnicity into the jokes does not sound right only if you bring that perspective into the harmless laughing business. People laugh here not at the expense of someone, but because somewhere they know that it could have been them too!)  

Three Sardarjis were sleeping on a bed. Since there was not enough space for all three of them, they all were very uncomfortable. One of them, Santa, got down and slept on the floor. The remaining two Sardarjis on the bed were now quite comfortable because of this newfound space. One of them shouted at Santa, “Hey Santa, you could come back. We seem to have space now.”

I love this joke because it hits hard at one of the human behaviors. Although the situation in the joke is deliberately trivial for the comedy, don’t we do this every day?

The second wave of coronavirus outbreak across several countries and specifically in India is the best example of it. The new infection cases were receding when people were on the vigil and were careful.  But the same was taken by some people as if the pandemic is over, and it was OK to stop the “paranoia”. It’s agreed that COVID-19 is a new virus and nothing can be said for sure but the current science was loud and clear about no reason for the virus going anywhere.

Beware of doing this “you could come back we seem to have space now.” act, unknowingly in your lives!

(Featured image: Photo by Cats Coming from Pexels )