“Hey, Listen!”, my daughter said, while peeling an orange, “I was surprised the other day when my friends could not relate to when I said that I eat fruits every day”.
We were all amused at the dining table. Indeed, we have been infinitely consistent with eating dry fruits and fresh fruits, every morning! While chatting further we concluded that the credit went to my wife who has been meticulous in getting the right portions cleaned and set on the dining table for all of us. It was not enough to keep the refrigerator well stocked.
In a gathering, you ask people to raise their hands if they believe in the value of fruits in their diet. I am sure most will raise their hands. But if you ask, next, how many of them were able to consume fruits every day, probably many hands will go down.
I think this is what happens with all the good things. It’s not enough to know that they are suitable for our well-being. We need a set of rituals or a system that makes us apply them in life at the right time and place.
A case in point is that there are several personal productivity ideas that are being told for several generations, but we miss applying them simply because we lack a foolproof system where these ideas are tightly built-in.

Look at these:

  1. Plan for the day in the morning.
  2. Plan Your Week’s Schedule, ahead!
  3. Block out your calendar.
  4. Be well prepared for the meetings.
  5. Have some thinking/brainstorming time.
  6. Obtain clarity!
  7. Eat the frog!
  8. Delegate your work and manage delegated tasks.
  9. Be organized with your work.
  10. Focus on only a few goals at a time.
  11. Don’t lose sight of long-term goals.
  12. Set Aside Time for Breaks.
  13. Write your journal every day.
  14. Start early and go slowly.
  15. Don’t multitask.
  16. Ensure quality in the outputs.
  17. Deliver outputs on time.
  18. Stay consistent in all that you do.
  19. Set priorities.
  20. Utilize peak-productivity hours for important tasks.
  21. Learn from successes as well as mistakes.
  22. Manage your energy (not just time).
  23. Get better at saying “no”.
  24. Plan before you act.
  25. Don’t just plan, you should act too.

You will agree with every one of them. But, if I ask if you have a foolproof system that builds all these together to keep you productive and stress-free, I am sure, most of you will even be surprised if such a system could even exist. The GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology precisely offers you this.

Be it, your health, your diet, productivity habits, or anything else. It’s not enough to know what’s good for you. You will have a chance to succeed with them, only if you build them into rituals or a system.

(Originally published in the Times of India on February 12, 2023)

Photo by Mark McCammon: https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-kettle-beside-condiment-shakers-and-green-fruits-and-plants-on-tray-on-brown-wooden-table-1080696/

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