In my earlier posts, I had delved into, how we collect the relevant content for our reading and how we organize it for “reading later App”. Still, a question, probably most difficult, is unsolved and that is when to read it. Reading small posts is one thing but reading articles of a few pages or books is another. Thus, most of us need a reading ritual to be successful at it. Consistency is the key here. You should include reading as part of your daily schedule. Let’s see how!

If you allot a prime time slot (I mean when you could do other priority works) to reading, you will end up skipping reading and if you give a time slot when you would be tired, you couldn’t go beyond the first page itself. You have to find something in the middle.

A great trick here is to read along with one of your chores. The best one is to read along with pacing in a non-crowded and familiar place, typically in the evenings. You should choose a place which you could walk even blind-folded like it could be pacing in your courtyard or lawn. I pace in my thirty feet long balcony of my condo or the walking track of our community (featured image). Try reading for an hour every day. Physical activity will keep you alert with your reading and your body will get some exercise too, which itself is in short supply nowadays.

A pro tip here is to track your progress. You will like to see how a small effort, but done regularly, makes such a big difference. Don’t do anything big; just record the page number where you stopped each day. Also don’t forget to check your health App showing number of steps walked.

Either just walking for physical exercise or just sitting to read might appear as a wastage to a time thrifty mind, but both together starts justifying the time spent.  Also, somehow the open air and nice evening time make our mind receptive to reading. Happy reading!