To achieve success, it’s NOT necessary to imitate the routines of successful people, as everyone has a different body clock, and following someone else’s routine may not be effective. Instead, you can create your own morning routine for a productive and stress-free day by following the steps outlined below.

The first step in your morning routine should be to check your calendar to get an idea of your schedule and commitments for the day. This would clarify the time slots that are taken and the ones that are available to work on other important tasks, flexibly.

Next, do your daily routines, which may include tasks such as charging your devices, reading the news, or checking your favorite comic strip. It’s essential to maintain a list of these daily routines to ensure that you don’t forget any.

The next step is to scan all your sources of work, including emails, chat messages, phone calls, and meeting notes. Check that all commitments are added to your to-do list. It’s crucial to maintain a list of all your sources of work to avoid missing anything.

Review your list of weekly routines, which includes activities that you do on a particular day of the week, such as writing a progress report or ordering groceries. Similarly, review your list of monthly routines, which includes less frequent activities that you do on a particular day of the month. Add any relevant routines to your to-do list for the day.

Next, review your list of other routines, such as cleaning up files on your cloud storage or organizing your workspace. Finally, prepare your day-specific to-do list based on the information you’ve gathered.

It’s crucial to keep a written inventory of all these routines and lists to avoid relying on your memory. Choose a spreadsheet, document, or notebook to make a precise checklist of all the categories mentioned above. This morning routine will help clarify your work scope, ensure continuity in your work, and free your mind from anxiety about missing something important.

In conclusion, although our body clocks may differ, we all have the same limited short-term memory that cannot to entrusted to remember our work. The above morning routine aims at protecting you from that serious handicap which is the common cause of an unproductive and stressful day.

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