How to Organize Your Knowledge Bits

I remember a sleepy afternoon, about 45 years back when my teacher, during my visit to his house, unexpectedly asked me if I collected newspaper clippings. When I shook my head no, he pulled out his stash of newspaper clippings and advised me to acquire this habit! Then and [...]



​India celebrated the 7th National Handloom day, last Saturday. Why handloom? Does it make any economic sense to handcraft clothes in this industrial era?  The reason is that handloom resonates with Indians with the act of being self-reliant. Mahatma Gandhi had adopted it to dismiss British textiles in favor [...]



Routers and wi-fi are our new lifelines. Last month, when a stray message came from our internet service provider that we could enjoy high speed once we restart our router, my teenage daughter wanted to check that out. She jumped on a stool to reach out to the power [...]


How Was It Done Last Time?

My dad was a teacher in a primary school, where he grew to be the headmaster. He was a well-respected headmaster and during his long tenure that ended only with his retirement, brought glory to his school. He had found a role model in a senior headmaster of the [...]



My daughter (undergraduate student) came out of her virtual classroom fuming! I asked, “What now!” She said, "I just don't understand these teachers. They will correct you even if you are not wrong, once they are hell-bent on doing it." That reminded me of a story from my school [...]


Treasure Hunt

The soil in my hometown is called black cotton soil. It is called so as the soil is good for growing cotton. But other than that, the soil is a disaster! It absorbs too much water and holds it, resulting in abnormal swelling. Naturally, when dried, it shrinks heavily [...]


Three Conditions

There was a funny part of the story of 2008 Indian, coming of age comedy film, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. The protagonist was told that for a boy to truly become a man in the Rathore clan, he must complete three conditions: Thrash someone, Get arrested, and Ride [...]



The guessing game story reminded me of an interesting but uncommon puzzle that was posed to us by one of our teachers. I am grateful to him as I found it handy during hundreds of hiring interviews that I had to take, many years later, where I needed a [...]

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