Dear (Business) Diary

Come December and we start thinking about business diary for the new year. "What do I want to do about it in the new year?" "Am I going to continue the way I did in the ending year or do something different?" I always had one major issue with [...]


My GTD Story

After completing my post-graduation in Remote Sensing - a space Technology, at IIT, I joined the dream job of Scientist in the Department of Space, Government of India. Besides doing the research activity, I wrote the required software code myself instead of looking for software developers. This idea of [...]


It’s ringing!

I was in a meeting with my team. Akhil got a call. He received it and started talking by covering the mouthpiece of his smartphone with a hand and with a voice that he thought was a whisper. The rest of us stopped talking for Akhil to finish his [...]


The World is Flat

One modest expectation that you have during an air trip is that the security officer sitting at the bags scanner should continue to have a poker face when your bag passes through the scanner. I wasn't lucky that day.  I was on an official trip during my tenure at [...]



The guessing game story reminded me of an interesting but uncommon puzzle that was posed to us by one of our teachers. I am grateful to him as I found it handy during hundreds of hiring interviews that I had to take, many years later, where I needed a [...]

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