There was a period when I had frequent one-day trips to Delhi from Mumbai, to meet with our clients. These trips were painful not only because I had to catch an early morning flight and return by late flight, to maximize the time available at Delhi, but also because [...]


The World is Flat

One modest expectation that you have during an air trip is that the security officer sitting at the bags scanner should continue to have a poker face when your bag passes through the scanner. I wasn't lucky that day.  I was on an official trip during my tenure at [...]


Air India

The government of India now seems to be committed to selling Air India, the state-owned airlines. An organization with its glorious past will finally cease to exist. Despite giving several moments of pride to Indians, Air India also has remained the butt of the joke. There has been a [...]



The flight attendants have quite a thankless job of delivering security briefing. They must do their dumb charades, no matter how much their audience is interested in it. As a traveler, after several flights, you almost know every word of the briefing and despite your best interest, you could [...]

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