We all are in the game, where reading is critical for our success. We must organize our reading so that we are both efficient & effective at it. E-books and e-readers are excellent productivity boosters. They have come of age and have a clear edge over printed books. I know that most of us grew up reading printed books, but it pays off to make a switch to e-books. The switch might not be easy but not impossible.
Let’s look at Top 12 benefits of e-books & e-readers. (Although most of the points are written with Amazon Kindle in mind but should apply to other popular e-readers as well).
1. You could get sample pages of all e-books. You can see if you are going to like the book before buying it.
2. You could start reading a book, the next moment you decide to do so and order it.
3. You could read a book on multiple devices (cell phone, e-readers such as Kindle, or a computer) with automatic page sync. It’s not necessary to buy a dedicated E-book reader, like Kindle, if you don’t want to. You not only have a desktop Kindle App, but you could also use an online Kindle Cloud Reader.
4. You carry your all books everywhere – wherever you could carry your cell phone. You do not let the moment of curiosity when you want to refer to a book, pass.
5. You could search for a word in a book, to get to a page of your interest. You could search for authors and titles on your device.
6. You no longer need to guess word meanings, while reading. You can refer dictionary just at a finger touch. You could also refer to Wikipedia for other entities.
7. You can highlight text while reading. You can extract all your highlights in a book into a PDF for future quick revisions.
8. You could share interesting extracts with your friends, in the moment. Also, you couldn’t lend the book to them to lose it forever (typically) 😉
9. You can increase/decrease font size to what suits you.
10. You could save physical storage space although people who live in metros could only appreciate this.
11. E-books are typically cheaper than physical ones.
12. You never lose a book ever.
(featured image: Photo by Perfecto Capucine from Pexels)