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How can you be more productive with reading books

In my earlier posts, I had delved into, how we collect the relevant content for our reading and how we organize it for “reading later App”. Still, a question, probably most difficult, is unsolved and that is when to read it. Reading small posts is one thing but reading [...]


Rustic Proverbs -1

When we talk with our mom, we keep digressing into our family jokes and memes (we have several of them) at every opportunity. Our dad always wonders why we could not stay on the course of discussion and keep it simple. My Mom also has a special flair for [...]


तीन अटी

 तुम्ही "जाने तू या जाने ना" हा हिंदी चित्रपट जर पाहिला असेल तर तुम्हाला ही गंमत नक्कीच आठवत असेल.  चित्रपटाच्या नायकाला हे सांगण्यात आले होते की जर त्याला राठोड कुळाचे नाव राखायचे असेल तर त्याला त्याच्या तीन अटी पूर्ण करायला पाहिजेत - "वो घोड़े पर सवार होगा", "किसीकी हड्डी [...]


Three Conditions

There was a funny part of the story of 2008 Indian, coming of age comedy film, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. The protagonist was told that for a boy to truly become a man in the Rathore clan, he must complete three conditions: Thrash someone, Get arrested, and Ride [...]



I am not a philanthropist on any scale, but I have acted whenever there were some good opportunities. I typically like to volunteer for something than just sign the cheques. One of my friends who is indeed a philanthropist brought me once a great opportunity. One of the foster [...]



The guessing game story reminded me of an interesting but uncommon puzzle that was posed to us by one of our teachers. I am grateful to him as I found it handy during hundreds of hiring interviews that I had to take, many years later, where I needed a [...]


Why E-books are good for you?

We all are in the game, where reading is critical for our success. We must organize our reading so that we are both efficient & effective at it. E-books and e-readers are excellent productivity boosters. They have come of age and have a clear edge over printed books. I [...]

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