The Catch-All Drawer: A Handy Tool for Staying Organized

Movie soundtracks have been incredibly popular in India, with a large majority of people enjoying this type of music. Several years ago, while visiting a friend's house, I noticed their audio cassette player and a stack of cassettes beside it. My friend encouraged me to listen to some music, [...]



Last Friday, the 13th incidentally, I got a meme about Monday blues, which, I would say, captured the whole sentiment behind this phenomenon. It said, “FRIDAY THE 13TH IS STILL BETTER THAN MONDAY THE WHATEVER”. When I shared it back in Teams group chat, at my office, there was [...]


New Year Revelers at the Gateway of India

Every new year also reminds me of the revelers that I had seen on the night of 31st December 1991, for it had made a lasting impression on me. The Gateway of India is one of the popular places in Mumbai to visit on the eve of the new [...]


The 1000 mistakes of my life!

Well, it's not the title of the next book by Chetan Bhagat! It’s the title of a virtual book that I have been writing for myself. It’s about celebrating every mistake that I make! Hold! This is not going to be some “be positive” fanfare, but a practical tip [...]



I opened Wikipedia yesterday to check a few facts about Web3 (whatever that is) and saw an earnest donation request by Wikipedia. I am not a philanthropist on any scale and I had shared an interesting story of one of the few of my noble deeds. But I never [...]



Although I now live in the coastal area of India, I had not seen the sea till the age of 20 years. I grew at a place that may appear at the center of the Indian peninsula, in a careless look. So there was no chance of sighting the [...]


My GTD Story

After completing my post-graduation in Remote Sensing - a space Technology, at IIT, I joined the dream job of Scientist in the Department of Space, Government of India. Besides doing the research activity, I wrote the required software code myself instead of looking for software developers. This idea of [...]


Keep Calm and Carry On

I love good TV commercials as much as I love good movies and good TV series. But what is amazing about good TV commercials is the way they pack a punch even in the little time that we engage with them! Some witty commercials become part of our folklore [...]



​India celebrated the 7th National Handloom day, last Saturday. Why handloom? Does it make any economic sense to handcraft clothes in this industrial era?  The reason is that handloom resonates with Indians with the act of being self-reliant. Mahatma Gandhi had adopted it to dismiss British textiles in favor [...]

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