I opened Wikipedia yesterday to check a few facts about Web3 (whatever that is) and saw an earnest donation request by Wikipedia. I am not a philanthropist on any scale and I had shared an interesting story of one of the few of my noble deeds. But I never [...]



Although I now live in the coastal area of India, I had not seen the sea till the age of 20 years. I grew at a place that may appear at the center of the Indian peninsula, in a careless look. So there was no chance of sighting the [...]


My GTD Story

After completing my post-graduation in Remote Sensing - a space Technology, at IIT, I joined the dream job of Scientist in the Department of Space, Government of India. Besides doing the research activity, I wrote the required software code myself instead of looking for software developers. This idea of [...]


Keep Calm and Carry On

I love good TV commercials as much as I love good movies and good TV series. But what is amazing about good TV commercials is the way they pack a punch even in the little time that we engage with them! Some witty commercials become part of our folklore [...]



‚ÄčIndia celebrated the 7th National Handloom day, last Saturday. Why handloom? Does it make any economic sense to handcraft clothes in this industrial era?¬† The reason is that handloom resonates with Indians with the act of being self-reliant. Mahatma Gandhi had adopted it to dismiss British textiles in favor [...]


My “Olympic” win

I enjoy sports - so many to watch and some of them to even play. Being born in a small town, played the village games, like, Gillidanda, marbles to heart's content. While growing, being an Indian, Cricket was given. Proper sports equipment was out of budget but that was [...]



There was a period when I had frequent one-day trips to Delhi from Mumbai, to meet with our clients. These trips were painful not only because I had to catch an early morning flight and return by late flight, to maximize the time available at Delhi, but also because [...]


My Atre Moment

Mr. P.K. Atre was a noted Marathi writer, poet, and orator of yesteryears. People from Maharashtra (the state of India where I live) know him for many things but definitely for his quick-wittedness. His retorts silenced the trouble-mongers. Let me offer some very popular ones here (source): Once Atre [...]


It’s ringing!

I was in a meeting with my team. Akhil got a call. He received it and started talking by covering the mouthpiece of his smartphone with a hand and with a voice that he thought was a whisper. The rest of us stopped talking for Akhil to finish his [...]



Routers and wi-fi are our new lifelines. Last month, when a stray message came from our internet service provider that we could enjoy high speed once we restart our router, my teenage daughter wanted to check that out. She jumped on a stool to reach out to the power [...]

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