Let’s Troubleshoot Your To-do List

To do list or not to do list was never a question! As such, our working memory is too shallow to hold all that we must be doing and wish to do. To worsen the matter, the world around us keeps changing faster than we can cope with, in [...]


What is 5G of Time Management?

When we see successful people around us, we want to be like them. We too want to attain the heights that they have attained. Obviously taking inspiration from them is a great thing but it is often seen that we do not end up duplicating their success. Why does [...]


How To Plan Your Day for Stress-free Productivity

Thou shalt plan your day before you get on to your work. Simple and profound, right? No one would disagree! And since it's easier said than done, this too goes in cold storage like many other such commandments. There are practical difficulties, most of which arise from the two [...]


Let us make you oops-proof

The human mind is quite peculiar in the sense that while it is quite smart to relate things and generate interesting thoughts, it totally sucks at remembering them. You must develop a habit of capturing them at a single designated place, if you want to act on those ideas, [...]


You too could be Organized with your work!

Have you seen a chef performing on a cookery show? Why do you think they perform so well? The reason is that they could fetch all that they needed in a moment. Their kitchen is perfectly organized - at least when they are on the show! Similarly, being organized [...]


Dos and Don’ts of Digital Calendar App

Digital calendar Apps are now ubiquitous and are critical for managing our schedules. Calendar Apps are easy to learn and use, but only if you use them with proper discipline, you could derive multifold benefits from them. It’s an irony but most people end up underusing and overusing the [...]

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