10 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Improve Time Management and Increase Productivity

Entrepreneurs often find themselves juggling multiple roles and tasks, requiring frequent context-switching throughout the day. In this dynamic environment, a rigid time management system can actually contribute to stress rather than alleviate it. Instead, adopting a flexible time management system can provide the optimal solution for entrepreneurs. Presented below [...]


World Productivity Day 2023

Imagine a world where you consistently fulfill the promises you've made to yourself, your family, and your colleagues. Surprisingly, achieving this level of commitment is not as daunting as it appears; it merely requires adopting a few straightforward habits. And, GTD (Getting Things Done) empowers individuals with those precise [...]


Unlocking the Path to Work Motivation and Fulfillment

Imagine a scenario where a dietitian is providing consultation to a client, meticulously crafting a diet plan tailored to the client's health condition and specific needs. However, the client expresses discomfort by saying, "I like this diet plan, but I have a problem—I never feel hungry!" Did he choose [...]

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