How to Bulk Copy-Paste With the Clipboard

Copy-paste brings speed to digital content creation and the idea is as old as the wheel - we hardly notice doing it. Our mind moves faster than what our hands can move on the keyboard, so copy-paste makes up for the gap. Copy-Paste works because of the clipboard system [...]


How to draft Emails fast using templates

Mail templates save time when you frequently send emails with similar content to many people or to the same person at different times. The idea here is to draft a mail with a subject, content, and attachment (if needed) and save it as a template. Now next time if [...]


How can you be more productive with reading books

In my earlier posts, I had delved into, how we collect the relevant content for our reading and how we organize it for “reading later App”. Still, a question, probably most difficult, is unsolved and that is when to read it. Reading small posts is one thing but reading [...]


Why E-books are good for you?

We all are in the game, where reading is critical for our success. We must organize our reading so that we are both efficient & effective at it. E-books and e-readers are excellent productivity boosters. They have come of age and have a clear edge over printed books. I [...]

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