Do You Track Your Delegations?

Recently one of my friends said this on LinkedIn in response to my post on the to-do list - ”I have been using a spreadsheet and it's working well so far. (I) Am getting peaceful sleep unlike earlier when it used to always bother me that am missing something [...]


Do you trust your browser bookmarks?

In an ice breaker session with one of my clients, I had asked her if she used browser bookmarks. She said of course she used it but only in one way. She bookmarked her stuff but never referred them, just because they were way too many and it was [...]


Word Productivity Day 2021

Today is World Productivity Day - the day to remind you to use your energies wisely and lead a productive and fulfilling life. Here is a compilation of productivity tips from contributors, for the occasion: Have a time slot, say, 9 to 10 AM, permanently blocked in your calendar, [...]


Organize Your Browser Tabs for Better Productivity

A web browser plays a key role in our day-to-day work. Using your browser smartly and efficiently will go a long way to keep you productive. My earlier post talked about using bookmarks bar space efficiently to have the most frequently used Apps just a click away. Let's talk [...]


Do You Insure Your Commitments?

Think of these situations: You are on phone with your client, and you tell them that you will send the required details ASAP. You send an email accepting a speaking assignment which is a month away. While you are in the shower you get a wonderful idea of promoting [...]


Sign and Scan Your Documents Smartly

Nowadays the ink-signed documents are not required in most of our transactions. If you are expected to send just a signed and scanned document, you can do better than ink-signing the document and rush to a scanner machine. There are many options but what you will like to know [...]


How Frequently Should You Check Your Emails?

You should check your emails (applies to even other sources of communication) through which you get your "work", regularly, to know what should be on your To-Do list. The "work" here is all that you are responsible for, both on personal and professional fronts. It always pays to stay current [...]

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