Stay Current with Google Alerts

We like to stay current on various topics of our interest by keeping a tab on web sources. Google Alerts is a free tool that could help us with it. Google Alerts, in its own words, “monitors the web for interesting new content”. Don't worry if someone tells you [...]


How to NOT miss reading good content

Imagine this. You look at your mobile and you see bunch of notifications. You start with, let's say, LinkedIn notifications. You start moving through them quickly only to stop at a post that has a link which opens a long article which looks interesting. But, you had setout to [...]


Morning Rituals

Do you know how Jeff Bezos starts his day? Well, I don’t know. Frankly, I don’t care also. All of us have different body clocks and no one knows you better than yourself, so you are the best judge of when and how you start your day. I know [...]


How to be productive by cutting down your typing -1

It always pays to hasten your typing once you have the content ready in your mind, more so if you are not a formally trained typist. Here are some ideas: The good old Copy-Paste technique is a great force multiplier when you are creating content or writing messages and [...]


Journaling for Personal Productivity

Here is an interesting way to maintain a journal that makes you more productive as well. Journal means different things to different people and what I mean here is recording everything that you do in your day. Not exciting? Hear me out! First and foremost (as you would expect [...]


Capture those fleeting thoughts…

Our mind keeps reminding us of the pending tasks, more so, when we are away from our desk. We must develop a HABIT not to let such reminders pass and instead capture them in a list. We can then pull out that list when we are at work. Also, [...]


Use Your Calendar Effectively

It will not be an overstatement, if I say that the calendar Apps have become the lifeline of our work. Calendar frees our mind from remembering the future events that we have committed to and helps tracking our availability for other commitments. Here are a couple of tips that [...]

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