How to work effectively with HARO!

HARO is a free service you can sign up for. Every day, about three times a day, they will send you a batch of inquiries from journalists. You can respond to the ones that are relevant to you and that you are qualified to comment on. This is one [...]


The 1000 mistakes of my life!

Well, it's not the title of the next book by Chetan Bhagat! It’s the title of a virtual book that I have been writing for myself. It’s about celebrating every mistake that I make! Hold! This is not going to be some “be positive” fanfare, but a practical tip [...]


Dear (Business) Diary

Come December and we start thinking about business diary for the new year. "What do I want to do about it in the new year?" "Am I going to continue the way I did in the ending year or do something different?" I always had one major issue with [...]


A Quick Guide for Remote Work Productivity

Call it pandemic or endemic, remote work is not going to go away in hurry! Remote work may look like an interesting proposition as no one is breathing fire on your neck and you get flexibility at work. But it is not that it does not have its own [...]


Scan Your Way to Nostalgia

Our fond memories now get captured digitally in photo or video form. But it wasn't so till ten to fifteen years back. So most of us still have loads of shoeboxes full of photo prints - invaluable memories but locked up somewhere and unavailable to share with others. There [...]


How to Turbocharge Your To-Do List

​The people who have got their act together, don’t get distracted easily with trivial things. But even they find it difficult to focus. The primary reason they can’t focus on the work at hand is the thought of all that work, that they aren’t doing. The world around us [...]


My GTD Story

After completing my post-graduation in Remote Sensing - a space Technology, at IIT, I joined the dream job of Scientist in the Department of Space, Government of India. Besides doing the research activity, I wrote the required software code myself instead of looking for software developers. This idea of [...]


When Did You Change Your Toothbrush Last?

In all sincerity, we want to obey our dentist and change our toothbrush every three months, but very soon we lose track. The brush does not show any signs of wear, so we just go on with it till when we finally change and then get reminded about how [...]

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