Word Productivity Day 2021

Today is World Productivity Day - the day to remind you to use your energies wisely and lead a productive and fulfilling life. Here is a compilation of productivity tips from contributors, for the occasion: Have a time slot, say, 9 to 10 AM, permanently blocked in your calendar, [...]


Do you buy Commitment Insurance?

Do you buy Commitment Insurance? I am sure, you do not as they don’t sell it yet. Then, better if you do not default on any of your commitments. But how would you guarantee that? There is a way! Think of these situations: You are on phone with your [...]


Use Your Calendar Effectively

It will not be an overstatement, if I say that the calendar Apps have become the lifeline of our work. Calendar frees our mind from remembering the future events that we have committed to and helps tracking our availability for other commitments. Here are a couple of tips that [...]

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