Scan Your Way to Nostalgia

Our fond memories now get captured digitally in photo or video form. But it wasn't so till ten to fifteen years back. So most of us still have loads of shoeboxes full of photo prints - invaluable memories but locked up somewhere and unavailable to share with others. There [...]


How could browser history ease your time card logging

Chrome browser supports extensions and there is a whole marketplace of Chrome extensions, both free and paid. The extensions extend out-of-the-box capabilities of the Chrome browser. Do you use Chrome browser extensions? (What are your favorites? Please write to me.) I need a bunch of them for my day [...]


Do you trust your browser bookmarks?

In an ice breaker session with one of my clients, I had asked her if she used browser bookmarks. She said of course she used it but only in one way. She bookmarked her stuff but never referred them, just because they were way too many and it was [...]


How to Bulk Copy-Paste With the Clipboard

Copy-paste brings speed to digital content creation and the idea is as old as the wheel - we hardly notice doing it. Our mind moves faster than what our hands can move on the keyboard, so copy-paste makes up for the gap. Copy-Paste works because of the clipboard system [...]


How to draft Emails fast using templates

Mail templates save time when you frequently send emails with similar content to many people or to the same person at different times. The idea here is to draft a mail with a subject, content, and attachment (if needed) and save it as a template. Now next time if [...]


What’s Your Hobby? Reading Books or Just Buying Them?

Tsundoku (Japanese: 積ん読) is acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up in one's home without reading them. Source: Wikipedia If you are like most others, you keep buying books indiscriminately, start reading some, and hardly finish any. A thought about your reading progress dreads you as it is just all over the [...]


How to NOT miss reading good content

Imagine this. You look at your mobile and you see a bunch of notifications. You start with, let's say, LinkedIn notifications. You start moving through them quickly only to stop at a post that has a link that opens a long article that looks interesting. But, you had set [...]

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