How could browser history ease your time card logging

Chrome browser supports extensions and there is a whole marketplace of Chrome extensions, both free and paid. The extensions extend out-of-the-box capabilities of the Chrome browser. Do you use Chrome browser extensions? (What are your favorites? Please write to me.) I need a bunch of them for my day [...]


Do you trust your browser bookmarks?

In an ice breaker session with one of my clients, I had asked her if she used browser bookmarks. She said of course she used it but only in one way. She bookmarked her stuff but never referred them, just because they were way too many and it was [...]


Organize Your Browser Tabs for Better Productivity

A web browser plays a key role in our day-to-day work. Using your browser smartly and efficiently will go a long way to keep you productive. My earlier post talked about using bookmarks bar space efficiently to have the most frequently used Apps just a click away. Let's talk [...]

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