Let us make you oops-proof

The human mind is quite peculiar in the sense that while it is quite smart to relate things and generate interesting thoughts, it totally sucks at remembering them. You must develop a habit of capturing them at a single designated place, if you want to act on those ideas, [...]


Sign and Scan Your Documents Smartly

Nowadays the ink-signed documents are not required in most of our transactions. If you are expected to send just a signed and scanned document, you can do better than ink-signing the document and rush to a scanner machine. There are many options but what you will like to know [...]


Four Bulls

I had learnt a two-player game, Bulls & Cows, during my first job of teaching. Of course, now you could play it online too or you even get apps for smartphones. Check it out; it is for all ages and is quite fun! In essence, one player holds a [...]


Stay Current with Google Alerts

We like to stay current on various topics of our interest by keeping a tab on web sources. Google Alerts is a free tool that could help us with it. Google Alerts, in its own words, “monitors the web for interesting new content”. Don't worry if someone tells you [...]


How to NOT miss reading good content

Imagine this: you glance at your mobile device and discover a flood of notifications. Among them are LinkedIn notifications. Swiftly sifting through them, you pause at a post containing a link to a lengthy and intriguing article. However, your original intention was to simply clear the notification, and now [...]

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